“The Better Part of Us” November 4, 2018

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“The Better Part of Us” Ruth 1:1-18/ Hebrews 9:11-18 Mark 12:28-34/ Matthew 5:1-12 (The following is from the book “Let Me Tell You a Story” by Rob Parsons) Paul was a little boy whose parents owned one of the first telephones. They lived on the plains in America, and the wooden box with a handle was installed in their farmhouse kitchen. He thought it was a wonderful machine. His mother would wind it up and say, “Information please,” and a lady would reply, “This is information.” It was incredible. Information Please would get them a phone number, tell them the time and sometimes even inform them about the weather. One day when Paul was small and his parents were out, he banged his thumb with a hammer. There was no point in crying because there was nobody in. And then he remembered the telephone. Let Paul continue the story: “I got a stool, stood on it, and reached up to the handset: ‘Information Please.’ The lady replied in her standard way, ‘This is information. How can I help you?’ ‘I’ve banged my thumb,’ I sobbed. ‘Is your mummy in?’ Information Please asked. ‘No.’ ‘Is your daddy in?’ ‘No’ ‘Is it bleeding?’ ‘No.’ Information Please said, ‘Can you get to the ice box?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Hold some ice against it.’ It worked! After that I rang Information Please for everything. Information Please helped me with my geography homework – she told me where Philadelphia is. Information Please taught me how to spell disappear. And when my pet canary died and I cried down the phone and asked, ‘Why would God make something that can sing so beautifully and let it die?’ Information Please said, ‘Paul, you must always remember there are other worlds to sing in.’ And then my parents moved to New York and I was out of her area, and anyway, I didn’t believe that Information Please could live in the new plastic phone. I never rang her again…until I was 24 years old. I was making a trip one day and my plane put down in the airport near where we used to live. I had about half an hour to wait and was sitting in the airport lounge when I saw a telephone. I thought, ‘I wonder…’ I dialed and said, ‘Information Please’ and a familiar voice said, ‘This is Information.’ ‘Could you teach me to spell disappear?’ I said. There was a long pause and then she replied, ‘I expect that thumb is better by now!’  I said, ‘Do you have any idea what you meant to me?’ ‘She said, ‘Have you any idea what you meant to me?’ We couldn’t have children and I used to look forward to your calls. My name’s Sally. I’m not very well and I only work a few hours a week, but if you’re ever in the area, promise...

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